New book on Virginia Woolf unites work of Centre graduate and faculty

Virginia WoolfLong after graduation, Centre College students continue to collaborate with their professors.

Kathryn Stelmach '96

Kathryn Stelmach Artuso ’96

“I was so grateful to have two Centre professors write outstanding articles for a volume I recently edited,” says Kathryn Stelmach Artuso ’96, assistant professor of English at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. “It was a great privilege to work with them.”
The new book, Critical Insights: Virginia Woolf and 20th-Century Women Writers (Ed. Kathryn Stelmach Artuso, Salem Press, 2015), is Artuso’s third.
Roberta White, Luellen Professor Emerita of English, contributed the essay “Elizabeth Bowen and Virginia Woolf: The Novelists’ Art.” Helen Emmitt, professor of English, wrote “An Irish Woman Poet’s Room: Eavan Boland’s Debt to Virginia Woolf.”
“At Centre, I was fortunate to be a student of Roberta White, who first introduced me to the beauty of Virginia Woolf’s and Elizabeth Bowen’s lyrical prose, and a student of Helen Emmitt, who introduced me to great women writers like H.D. and Eavan Boland,” says Artuso.
“Knowing their interest in Woolf and women writers, I immediately thought of inviting Roberta and Helen to contribute to the volume. My only regret is that I didn’t dedicate the volume to Carol Bastian [the late Jobson Professor Emerita of English], though I can here do so with a grateful heart.”
Artuso’s other books are Transatlantic Renaissances: Literature of Ireland and the American South (University of Delaware Press, 2013) and Critical Insights: William Faulkner (Ed. Kathryn Stelmach Artuso, Salem Press, 2013), which contains an essay by Mark Lucas, Jobson Professor of English, “As I Lay Dying, The Time of Man, and the Modern Folk Novel.”
by Diane Johnson

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