New Centre College Governor’s Scholar Pledge matches public university cost

Centre College’s emphasis on offering a premier education at an affordable price has been a longstanding priority for the College. Now, that value proposition is further reinforced by a recent announcement that backs Centre’s commitment to making the Commonwealth’s best education accessible for the state’s brightest students.

The new Governor’s Scholar Pledge is a promise to graduates of the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program (GSP), Governor’s School for the Arts (GSA), or Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs. Those who are admitted to Centre will pay no more to attend than the published price of the University of Kentucky (tuition and fees, room and board).

Building on a 30-year relationship as a host of GSP, as well as five consecutive years hosting GSA, Centre is making a pledge to graduates that promises a premier Centre education at a public university price, paired with the guarantee to graduate in four years.

“Centre has a very generous merit and need-based aid scholarship and financial aid program,” explains Bob Nesmith, dean of admission and financial aid at the College. “The Governor’s Scholars Pledge does not limit how much you can receive from Centre; it just sets the maximum amount you will pay. Many Governor’s Scholars will receive a scholarship and aid package that makes Centre’s cost lower than the Pledge—sometimes much lower.”

Nesmith goes on to say, however, that the real power of the Governor’s Scholar Pledge is not the price one will pay for a high-quality education at Centre, but the value of what that student will receive.

“If all you want to do is go through the motions to get a credential, maybe Centre isn’t the place for you,” he says. “But if you want to discover your capacity to achieve at the highest level, if you want committed professors who will call out your best efforts, and if you want a college education that will prepare you for meaningful leadership in your career and in your life, there’s not a better place in Kentucky. 

“Your experience will be engaging, it will be global, and it will be shaped by a faculty routinely ranked among the best in the nation at teaching undergraduates,” he continues. “And the pay-off comes after graduation—not just the first year out, but ten years out, twenty years out—when our alumni really distinguish themselves.”

Further evidence of this high return can be seen through the 97 percent of Centre graduates who are employed or in advanced study within a year of graduation, an average 86 percent of which also complete an internship or research experience.

The College also leads the state, and is positioned among the top in the nation, for its 85 percent four-year graduation rate, while Kentucky’s leading public university lands at 35 percent.

This top value is routinely recognized by nation-leading rankings through such publications as Forbes, Kiplinger’s, Money and U.S. News & World Report.

“Our pledge of a premier education at a public university price delivers on our commitment to make the state’s best educational opportunity an affordable one for deserving and hard-working students,” adds Nesmith. “GSP graduates are among the Commonwealth’s best and brightest, and Centre recognizes that talent and potential.”

Complete Governor’s Scholar Pledge details and application requirements can be found here.

by Amy Clark Wise
November 22, 2019


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