New flags in Cowan represent Centre connections across the globe

Centre College is known for its highly acclaimed study abroad program, and the College continues to increase its numbers of international students on campus. A visual representation of the countries where students travel to and are coming from can be viewed in the Campus Center in Cowan Dining Hall.

“In the top, middle of the main wall, you see the U.S. flag, plus the flags for our three original semester-long programs where Centre faculty teach students—London, Strasbourg and Merida,” said Lori Hartmann, interim director of the Center for Global Citizenship. “Then the rest of the flags represent both where students have taken Centre courses abroad or the home countries of recent international students.”

Twelve flags were recently added to the wall in Cowan, including Armenia, Argentina, Belgium, Bhutan, Guatemala, Hungary, Malaysia, Martinique, Palestine, Panama, Uganda and Uruguay. In addition, Estonia was added to the display last year. There is now a total of 74 flags hanging in Cowan.

“As a faculty member, I appreciate the great value that our international students bring to the classroom,” Hartmann added. “As a faculty member who has taken students abroad, I appreciate the educational and personal growth that occurs during those courses.”

Milton Reigelman, emeritus professor of English and the director of the Center for Global Citizenship for many years, along with Dana Bart, graphic designer for the Norton Center for the Arts, developed the concept for the flag display, and the wall in Cowen was the most logical place, due to its central location and the amount of space available.

“The flags represent our global reach for both inbound and outbound students,” Hartmann concluded. “The addition of 13 new flags since 2010—when the original flags were put up—means that we continue to explore destinations for study abroad, and our campus is further enriched by students coming from more diverse locations. The very definition of global citizenship is to remain grounded and proud of our homes while being open to new experiences abroad. The flags are a daily reminder of Centre’s connections around the world.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
December 17, 2019

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