New Sandella’s Flatbread Café offers students diverse dining options

Sandella's Cafe PSCentre College is welcoming a new addition to the campus’ dining options with the opening of Sandella’s Flatbread Café, now part of the the Hall of Fame Café located in Sutcliffe Hall. The new dining spot has replaced Jazzman’s Café, which specialized mainly in coffee and drink products.
Unlike Jazzman’s, however, Sandella’s offers a wide variety of entrees for the hungry student, including rice bowls, paninis, burritos and its signature flatbread pizzas. Some of the more popular choices among students are the Tuscan chicken panini, the chicken fajita rice bowl and the pesto chicken grilled flatbread.
Sandella’s opened at the start of the fall academic term and so far students and faculty alike have responded positively to both the service and the quality of the food.
“When I visited, every table that I asked said the food was great,” reports Vice President and Dean of Student Life Randy Hays. “People seemed to like the extra tables and seating, and have said that it is a nice addition to campus.”
This sentiment is confirmed by the increased amount of traffic the Hall of Fame Café has seen this semester. Sandella’s averaged around 300 visitors per day during its first week, with the lunch hour accounting for almost half of that number.
“Things have been going great in the first few weeks. So far we have been hitting the numbers we were hoping for,” says General Manager of Sodexo Food Services Mike Nagorka.
The wider range of food options Sandella’s offers has helped alleviate some of the traffic to other campus dining spots, especially Cowan Dining Hall.
“Trying to cut down on congestion to Cowan was an important factor behind opening up Sandella’s,” says Nagorka. “Also, we just wanted to give students a change and some more variety with their meals. We always try to keep things new and different for students.”
For those who think they have seen everything Sandella’s has to offer, Nagorka assures that the menu will continue to change and expand throughout the year.
“We have a lot of plans for the menu. There are several limited-time only options that we plan to offer throughout the year, and within a few weeks we will already be adding more permanent options to the menu, so students should keep an eye out for that.”
by John Ross Wyatt ’15

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