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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A valuable piece of history was nearly lost but it’s finally on its way home to Centre College.
Curious neighbors made a chance discovery in a box left on the street as trash.
“A lady had passed away up the street and they cleaned out her estate and there was a box of books set on the curb and a friend brought them by,” Art Rupe explained. “It was something that was destined to be thrown out and now its been rescued.”
Tossed on a Butchertown street, it was headed for the landfill until it caught someone’s eye. It’s a Centre College yearbook from 1905 revealing clues about the past.
“They have requirements for admission, what it took to get in and curriculum,” Rupe said.
It also has hints about its authors, students who write they had things other than school work on their minds.
“Why have we publicized this book? Not because we like to work, for that has never been a distinguishing characteristic of the class of 1905,” Rupe read from the yearbook.
He called Centre College about his discovery in hopes of returning it. Friday someone from the president’s office picked it up.
“The oldest we have in our office is 1912,” Cindy Arnold, with Centre College, said. “So this is seven years older than we presently have. It’s wonderful somebody took good care of it for many years and it was somewhere safe and sound.”
The relic is finally heading home so future students can step into the past through its pages.
“It had to be 111 years old to return home, funny how something sitting there so quietly has a loud voice now,” Rupe said.
The yearbook will become part of Centre’s archives – the university was founded in 1819.
by WDRB anchor Elizabeth Woolsey
January 29, 2016

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