IN THE NEWS: Centre football team exemplifies spirit of service during winter storm


At 502 Grant Street in Danville, Susan MeGilligan opened her door early Tuesday morning to dozens of young men outside her door. All of them were hard at work.
“Amazing…all these wonderful boys working out here,” she said.
A senior Centre College player decided he wanted to spend his Tuesday morning helping others.
“It was typical of the football team, their attitude toward life and everything they do,” said MeGilligan.
Senior football player Alex Mattingly got his teammates to snow shovel more than 20 driveways throughout Danville.
“It felt good, giving back to be honest. Everybody likes to help everybody out,” said wide receiver Blake Martin.
Snow shoveling is what they did, but most of them did it…without shovels.
They had three shovels for more than 20 guys. So what did they use?
“Had Tupperware lids, chairs, a guy had two dust pans and broom tied to each end,” said Centre Senior Dylan Dwyer.
“The funniest thing was a kid using a traffic cone trying to clean off a driveway,” said Martin.
Hardly the tools of the trade but it got the job done.
“When you’re with your team and you’re doing something like this, it’s impossible not to have fun,” said Dwyer.

Article courtesy of WKYT’s Phil Pendleton
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