Paintings by Preetha Suresh Rini ’13 are raising money for charity

Centre College is committed to developing citizen leaders who give back to their community, and Preetha Suresh Rini ’13 has found a creative way to do just that by painting striking pieces of artwork and donating some of the proceeds to charity.

A government and Spanish major from Centre and a graduate of the University of North Carolina School of Law, Rini is currently working with a law firm in Raleigh, N.C. She says she finds painting to be an excellent creative outlet.

“I’ve been interested in art ever since I can remember,” she explains. “Even at Centre, I took an art class with Professor Judith Jia and painted banners for my sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma.”

Many of her paintings remind her of home, including ones that are Centre- and North Carolina-themed. Among her creations are paintings of Old Centre, the Flame, UNC’s Old Well and a Raleigh skyline.

Rini was inspired to sell her paintings and donate some of the money to charity in large part because of her Centre Experience.

“My time at Centre and many classes I took in law school have shown me how important it is to support local organizations to fight poverty, hunger and homelessness,” she said.

She created the Facebook page Paintings by Preetha to auction her works. Rini also started selling pen and ink prints, “Prints by Preetha,” on her Facebook page. Among the most popular sellers with Centre alumni are The Flame and Kentucky, as well as prints depicting Martin Luther King, Jr., the Statue of Liberty, and Harry Potter.

“It has been an amazing experience to have so much support for these Facebook auctions from the Centre community,” she said. “I’m very thankful to Centre College for continuously reminding me how important it is to give back.”

Visit the Facebook page Paintings by Preetha.

Above: Old Centre by Preetha Suresh Rini ’13

This story originally appeared on Centre’s website on November 3, 2015

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