Parent Fund supports Grace Doherty Library

Grace Doherty LibraryCentre College is one of the few lucky institutions in the nation that can boast an annual giving rate from more than half of its parents.
Gifts to the Parent Fund support many enhancements and extra programs that make a great impact on the quality of the students’ lives on campus. This year the Parents Association, through yet another generous grant, is supporting Grace Doherty Library by making it possible for the library staff to expand and enhance the collaborative study space on the main floor.
“By the end of the fall term, we will have added additional study booths and more work tables,” Director of Library Services Stan Campbell explained. “Our planning is not yet complete, but we are responding directly to student requests.”
This is not the first time the Parents Association, the Parents Fund and the Grace Doherty Library have worked together, with a history going back at least a quarter of a century.
The Parents Association and Parents Fund contributed to the very first on-line bibliographic search tool in the library, a local area network linking a handful of databases on four computers. Students and faculty had to go to the library to use them, and there was no full text provided, but patrons could search decades of literature in the humanities and social sciences in a whole new way.
“It was a brand new world and the Parents Association and Parents Fund made it possible,” Campbell said.
They have also helped to fund the study areas in the Reference Department and helped purchase the study booths on the main floor of the library, giving students a range of effective and comfortable spaces to work.
“The Parents Association and all the people who contribute to the Parents Fund have a direct and beneficial impact on how Centre students go about their research and how they read and study,” Campbell continued. “The contributions have made a profound difference in the lives of Centre College students.”
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by Elise L. Murrell
June 10, 2015

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