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The Parent Fund supports annual projects to enhance our campus and provide special programs that make the Centre Experience unique.

Make a Gift to the Centre Parent Fund

Centre College is known for breaking records and going above and beyond the call of duty. Centre College parents have joined the tradition. During previous academic years, nearly 50 percent of Centre parents showed their satisfaction by contributing $127,000 in gifts to the College. Few schools in the country can boast that more than half of their parents make gifts to the institution. Centre is proud to be counted among those lucky few.

Year after year, more and more parents make gifts to Centre College. In doing so, they indicate to Centre, and the larger academic community, that they are pleased with the experience their students receive. These gifts not only demonstrate satisfaction with Centre, but also make a tangible difference in the quality of students’ lives on campus. The Parent Fund supports many campus enhancements and extra programs that make Centre College so special. Gifts provided during the previous years were used for three primary purposes:

  1. support for a new student internship program, which will help students offset the cost of housing and transportation;
  2. the Collegiate Readership Program; and
  3. assistance with the airport shuttle service.

As the year begins, Centre parents again have an opportunity to make a difference. In addition to the continuation of the student internship program and airport shuttle service, the Parent Fund will also provide the funding for a new library study space, a new green initiative, and the purchase of new big screen televisions for the Campus Center. To adequately support these initiatives, the Parent Fund will need to generate funds. Centre parents continue to partner with the College year after year to enhance the experience for all students. We are confident that parents will again rise to the challenge.

Please keep these goals in mind, and make a gift to the Centre Parent Fund today!