Pediatric dentistry internship gives Isabella Tacogue ’21 hands-on experience

Psychology major Isabella Tacogue ‘21 (Louisville, Kentucky) is taking advantage of one aspect of the Centre Commitment during CentreTerm 2020 by interning at the pediatric dentist office of Rebecca T. Wheeler in Nicholasville, Kentucky.

“During my time at Dr. Wheeler’s office, I am fortunate enough to be exposed to numerous aspects of a pediatric dental practice,” Tacogue said. “In addition to the countless dental procedures I observed, I am also gaining hands-on experience cleaning and preparing trays and learning how to work with children—something I have found very rewarding.”

Tacogue said her biggest takeaway so far has been able to experience what it’s like to work with small children in a professional setting, and it has further grounded her desire to become a pediatric dentist. She said she would like to specialize in kids with disabilities, such as down syndrome.

“My current psychology major correlates with my goals as a pediatric dentist by helping me understand the psychology of children, how to deal with certain situations and will help prepare me how to deal with kids with special needs,” she added.

Tacogue’s Centre experience has helped her prepare for this opportunity, and as a student-athlete on the women’s lacrosse team, she says she has had to be disciplined and able to manage her time wisely.

“The rigorous science classes I took at Centre helped prepare me for the technical side of my internship,” she concluded. “Also, Centre’s small community and my experience with my lacrosse team prepared me to work in an office setting and team environment.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
January 15, 2020

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