Photo exhibit displays pieces of Centre’s history

As part of Centre College’s bicentennial celebration, Director of Library Services Stan Campbell and Archivist Beth Morgan have compiled an exhibit of historical photos from the College titled “Pieces of Time,” dating as far back as 1867. The exhibit will be displayed in the Norton Center for the Arts from Jan. 16 through May 19.

Old Centre

Campbell and Morgan began working on this project approximately 18 months ago.

“We reviewed hundreds of photographs in the College archives, looking for interesting, arresting images from Centre’s past that seemed, to us, to tell a story,” Campbell said. “What those stories are, we leave to the imagination of the viewer.

“We have images from as early as the mid-19th century, including a photographer of the Class of 1867,” he continued. “As far as we know, these are the earliest pictures of Centre students the archive holds.”

Due to the age of the photographs, several of them had to be cleaned and professionally restored before they could be digitized and mounted for exhibition.

“The exhibit itself ranges from the 19th century, touches on the Kentucky College for Women, some remarkable athletic department pictures, WWII, the 60s and 70s and even a few contemporary images,” Campbell explained.

Campbell said that he makes no claim that the exhibit creates a complete narrative of Centre. He describes it as a series of moments and glimpses of the past that shares something about Centre’s culture and story.

“Rather than use the exhibit to trace a complete history of Centre, Stan and I tried to capture the essence of the College’s history,” Morgan said. “We hope the exhibit will prompt observers to think about the people who were here over the past two-hundred years, the spaces in which they existed, what their experiences may have been and how the Centre experience has been shaped and changed over time.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
January 17, 2019

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