[PHOTO GALLERY] Activities Expo highlights campus community

At the start of every fall semester, Centre College students gather along West Walnut Street and explore the plethora of organizations and activities available on campus at the Activities Expo.

The annual event provides an opportunity for Centre students to connect with and learn about extra curricular offerings, as well as meet people from community groups.

“This year we had 135 different organizations, of which approximately 75 percent were from Centre and 25 percent were local businesses, non-profits and religious organizations,” said Jack Layden, director of campus activities and leadership programming.

Layden said the Activities Expo is important for students, because it brings an impressive collection of opportunities directly to the student body.

“This event makes it convenient for students to join others in their shared interests and for local organizations to gain new members, customers and volunteers,” he added. ”Events like these are significant to Centre, as they showcase our student body’s diverse interests and talents. It also promotes the idea that while attending Centre, one can pursue their many passions and do so in the company of other passionate peers.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
September 6, 2019

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