[PHOTO GALLERY] Building Bridges and Community Day encourages conversations about diversity and inclusion

Centre College recently hosted Building Bridges and Community Day, an effort to help the entire campus—students, faculty and staff—better understand the multitude of different perspectives that are represented across every section of its community.

“The College’s ‘Building Bridges’ event was successful at all levels,” President John A. Roush said.  “The day provided a rich opportunity for the Centre community to come together around fresh ideas, new experiences and fun. My special thanks to Andrea Abrams and the team of people she assembled to accomplish the day.”

More than 40 discussions and workshops took place throughout the afternoon, following a three-part lunch. In order for the campus community to participate in the day’s activities, the class schedule was shortened and a number of offices closed early.

The event was an opportunity for individuals to learn about creating a more inclusive community no matter their identity marker or status label. Members of the College were encouraged to have discussions with and learn from people with whom they may not often interact.

Activities were focused around strengthening community, giving people from different backgrounds the opportunity to share their perspectives and experiences in a respectful and welcoming environment.

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by Centre College News
November 19, 2018

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