Posse Plus Retreat sparks important conversations

Earlier this month, over 100 Centre College community members attended the Posse Plus Retreat held at Lake Cumberland’s 4-H Center in Nancy, Kentucky.

“The Posse Plus Retreat annually brings together dynamic people from across the campus community—students, faculty, staff, coaches, administrators—for a weekend away,” said Bob Nesmith, dean of admission and financial aid. “We learn about each other’s experiences and perspectives, we wrestle with major national issues and campus concerns, we share honestly, we gently challenge each other, we eat, we dance, sing and laugh.

“We build community and energize ourselves to make a difference,” he continued. “It’s downright utopian. And, it happens at every Posse partner school, so these conversations are happening at top-flight institutions across the country.”

This year’s retreat topic for the weekend was ‘The State of Our Union.’ The discussion covered issues in healthcare, education, immigration, the environment, as well as other factors that affect personal experiences and the community at large.

“The purpose of the retreat is to offer space away from campus that allows members of the Centre community to delve into topics that might be difficult to talk about,” said Admissions Fellow Gianna Gray ’18. “Confidentiality is key at the retreat, but the relationships and ideas for change formed during the weekend are welcomed and encouraged to be continued on campus.”

Gray added that the retreat is an important opportunity for students, because they may not get the space to discuss these challenging, yet important, issues otherwise.

“The name ‘Posse Plus’ is especially important, because it’s not just for Posse students,” she said. “This weekend off campus provides students with the opportunity to network with different members of the community on a deeper level while, simultaneously, learning a lot about oneself. These meaningful conversations can be held with a professor, a coach, a member of another scholarship program, an athlete, a non-athlete, a musician, a poet—the list goes on.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
February 27, 2019

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