Posse is a national organization that partners with the top 10% of the nation’s colleges and universities in order to send cohorts of 10 students to partner schools. Centre College welcomes 10 Posse students from Boston, Massachusetts each year. Posse became an integral part of the Centre community in 2010. Since then, scholars have been vibrant contributors to campus culture; Posse students not only offer their locational diversity, but also their diverse range of interests, talents, insights, and backgrounds.

Posse Plus Retreat is a dynamic weekend away from campus for Posse Scholars and “plusers”, which includes fellow students, faculty, staff, mentors, and coaches from the Boston office. In weekends past, topics have included: “Us vs. Them: Division, Community, and Identity in American Society,” and “Sticks and Stones: Language and Speech in a Diverse Society.” People in attendance learn truths about themselves, their communities, and their society at large.

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