Princeton Review distinguishes Centre among nation’s best 385 colleges

Centre College has once again been distinguished as one of the nation’s most outstanding institutions in The Princeton Review’s selective annual list of America’s “Best 385 Colleges,” 2020 edition.

Since 1992, the guide has showcased select schools Princeton Review recommends to college applicants and their families. Only about 13 percent of America’s four-year colleges are listed in the book, which makes being named to the “Best 385 Colleges” a notable distinction.

The Princeton Review employs a unique, 80-question survey asking current students to rate their schools across several areas and report on their campus experiences. The survey process engages 140,000 students in an effort to generate a profile of each institution that features ratings and top-20 lists over a variety of categories.

In addition to being listed among the nation’s best colleges overall, the Review also distinguished Centre within the “Most Popular Study Abroad Program” category with a #11 ranking.

Approximately 85 percent of Centre students participate in study abroad at least once during their four years at the College as part of the Centre Commitment. There are nine semester-long residential programs: China, England, France, Japan, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Yucatan. CentreTerm programs explore an ever-increasing number of countries during the three-week January term.

The study abroad program is a component of Centre Commitment, that also includes an internship or research experience and graduation in four years.

Additionally, students who were surveyed recognized the dedication of Centre professors and their commitment to “go above and beyond to offer their students a transformative and immersive experience.” The College’s 10-to-1 student/faculty ratio, along with average class sizes of 18, gives students the opportunity to build meaningful connections with faculty.

“There is no greater support here than from the professors,” one student stated of Centre’s faculty, who are also acknowledged as being very intentional “in getting to know and teach students.”

Another student noted that the professors “make it really easy to get excited about learning,” because “they love to teach and are incredibly good at it.” Most of the faculty “maintain a difficult class curriculum and work load” but “are usually clear about what they are expecting from their students” and “offer office hours far beyond the required amount.”

The review notes that Centre has cultivated a student body full of “very studious and mostly friendly” individuals. The community—both on campus and through the alumni network—“is second to none,” and since students run into each other all the time, these “frequent, often accidental, interactions strengthen the community atmosphere of Centre.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
August 6, 2019

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