Professional recognition reception celebrates faculty’s peer-reviewed accomplishments

crounseRanked among the top 12 best faculty in the nation (Princeton Review, 2013), Centre College professors are acclaimed for their quality of teaching. Beyond the classroom, however, Centre faculty members are also leaders within their fields, engaged in their own research, writing and creative pursuits.
At least five times each year, the College holds professional recognition receptions to celebrate these peer-reviewed accomplishments. The most recent event was held Tuesday, April 15, and featured eight faculty members presenting their latest work. During the reception, the group heard from scholars in the disciplines of behavioral neuroscience, anthropology, religion, music, biology, film studies and mathematics.

Melissa Burns-Cusato and Brian Cusato

• “Barbados green monkeys (Chlorocebus sabaeus) recognize ancestral alarm calls after 350 years of isolation” with A.C. Glueck, Behavioural Processes 100 (2013): 197-199.
• “Mate reinforcement value and the pair bond in ring neck dove (Streptopelia risoria)” Behaviour 150.3-4 (2013): 255-276.

Robyn Cutright
• “Household Ofrendas and Community Feasts: Ritual at a Late Intermediate Period Village in the Jequetepeque Valley, Peru” Ñawpa Pacha 33.1 (June 2013): 1-21.
• “Gender in South American Prehistory” with Melissa Vogel in Companion to Gender Prehistory edited by Diane Bolger (2013, Wiley-Blackwell, NY).

Lee Jefferson

• Christ the Miracle Worker in Early Christian Art (2014, Fortress Press, Minneapolis).
• “The Kiss of Judas” and “Sexual Purity in Leviticus” Bible Odyssey, Society of Biblical Literature (Fall 2013).
• “Is This Man a Physician, a Philosopher, or a God?: Revisiting the ‘Anatomy Lesson’ Catacomb Painting” Sewanee Theological Review 56.2 (March 2013): 169-195.
• “Finger of God in Visual Art,” “Fish Hook in Visual Art,” and “Feeding Miracles in Visual Art” entries for the Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception, edited by Hermann Spieckermann and Choon-Leong Seow (2013, Walter de Gruyter, Berlin).
• “Perspectives on the Nude Youth in Fourth-Century Sarcophagi Representations of the Raising of Lazarus,” Studia Patristica, edited by M. Vinzent and A. Brent, Vol. 59 (2013, Peeters, Leuven, Belgium) 77-88.

Nathan Link

• Word, Image, and Song, Vols. 1 & 2: Essays on Musical Voices, edited with Rebecca Cypess and Beth L. Glixon (2013, University of Rochester Press, Rochester).
• “Continuities of Time in Handel’s Operas” Word, Image, and Song, Vol. 2: Essays on Musical Voices (2013, University of Rochester Press, Rochester), 46–71.

Anne Lubbers

• “Ecology and conservation of ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) in a changing world” with J.B. McGraw, M. Van der Voort, E. H. Mooney, M. A. Furedi, S. Souther, J. B. Turner and J. Chandler, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences: The Year in Ecology and Conservation Biology 1286 (May 2013): 62-91.

Stacey Peebles

• “Cormac McCarthy and Film” in The Cambridge Companion to Cormac McCarthy, edited by Steven Frye (2013, Cambridge University Press, New York), 162-74.
• “On War Writing: A Roundtable Discussion” with Donald Anderson, Doug Anderson, Matt Gallagher, Sam Hamill, Peter Molin and Marilyn Nelson, Prairie Schooner 87.4 (Winter 2013): 102-14.

Ellen Swanson

• “Quasi-Immiscible Spreading of Aqueous Surfactant Solutions on Entangled Aqueous Polymer Solution Subphases” with R. Sharma, T.E. Corcoran, S. Garoff, T.M. Przybycien, E.R. Swanson and R.D. Tilton, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 5.12 (2013): 5542-5549.
by Caitlan Cole

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