Rachel Woellner ’20 stages internship at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati

Dramatic arts and history double major Rachel Woellner ’20 (Cincinnati, Ohio) is interning this summer at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati (TCT).

“I am working as a development intern for the children’s theatre, where I am researching different companies and organizations that can possibly donate to the group,” Woellner said. “These donations allow TCT to continue with its yearly performances and events, so it is highly important for the program. I am also working in other departments of the theater, such as the scene shop, where the building of sets and props occurs, as well as the costume shop, where all the outfits are made for the shows.”

Woellner said she was interested in this internship, because she wanted to work with a professional theatre company so she could see how a performance group operates.

“I was also very interested, because I would be working as a development intern, which is something I really had no understanding of before this summer,” she added. “I knew I would be learning about something entirely new but completely important to the continuation of The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati.”

By the end of the summer, Woellner hopes to learn more about the theatre and what it takes to maintain a company that performs several shows throughout the year.

“I am really thankful because I am learning what it takes to keep a company alive and afloat, which is something I have never been exposed to before,” she concluded. “I am grateful to be learning about this portion of the theatre, because it’s something I have never been exposed to, but it is something I find that, all those involved in a theatrical troupe, need to understand.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
July 26, 2018

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