Recipients of full-ride-plus fellowships explain what makes Centre extraordinary

On the weekend of April 1 and 2, the finalists for Kentucky’s most prestigious fellowship, the Brown Fellows Program, visited Centre College. During the two days of interviews and information, the high school students learned more about the myriad benefits of being a Brown Fellow—and of attending Centre.
“Centre is a place where you can make your dreams happen,” says Brown Fellow recipient Audrey Jenkins ’14.
One of the 10 Brown Fellows in the class of 2014, Jenkins says that she is “forever indebted to the Brown Foundation for not only providing for my education, but also for enriching my life with new friends and opportunities. When I step back and look at what I have been given, I’m absolutely floored.”
And what she and her other Brown Fellows have been given is plenty. The Brown Fellows Program covers each recipient’s full tuition, room and board, four summer enrichment programs, on-campus program mentors, field-based experimental learning opportunities and more.
The program was launched in 2009 by the James Graham Brown Foundation, which selected Centre as the private institution to host the program. (The University of Louisville was selected as the public campus.)
Each year, 10 first-year students are named Centre’s Brown Fellows, and an international group trip which takes place before they arrive on campus offers them the opportunity to begin class with nine close friends.
“One of the great things about being a Brown Fellow is having an extra network of people who you know are there to help you if you ask,” Jenkins says. “All the Brown Fellows are absolutely incredible people, and I’m honored and blessed to call them my friends.”
To prospective Brown Fellows, she offers this advice: “Everyone at Centre, from the faculty and staff to the students, wants you to succeed. They are behind you 100 percent, but first you have to take the initiative. The opportunities, support system and resources are here, but you have to reach out and grab them.”
She adds that at Centre, “the people you meet are super involved, super motivated and extremely intelligent. You’ll find that your friends here are loads of fun both inside and outside of the classroom.”
Fellow first-year student and Brown Fellow Catherine Parks agrees that “life at Centre College is engaging in every sense. There are so many opportunities to become involved in academics, sports, clubs and sororities. I love that all of the Centre students, myself included, are incredibly passionate about their school.”
Parks, who says she cannot believe her first year as a Centre student is already drawing to a end, adds that she has been thrilled to meet “such wonderful people who are students, athletes, professors and staff members. The close relationships that I’ve formed have enriched my first year at Centre. Everyone has been welcoming, caring and always willing to help. Centre is a wonderful place.”

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