Record 264 students study abroad during CentreTerm 2018

Every January, during CentreTerm, Centre College students venture to destinations across the globe for three weeks of intensive study. This year, a total of 264 students, taught by 12 professors, are participating in courses that range from The Source: Drama and Math in Ancient Greece to Physical Science of Volcanoes.

“This is the most we’ve ever sent abroad for CentreTerm,” said Leigh Cocanougher, assistant director of the Center for Global Citizenship, who goes on to explain that this year, students are studying in countries like the Baltic States and Brazil, which are both first-time CentreTerm destinations, Greece, Italy, Japan, London, New Zealand and Switzerland.

According to Cocanougher, there are new courses in some of the other locations, including DisCERNing Leonardo—Art, Science and the Renaissance Man course in Italy and Switzerland and the Nagasaki—Rebuilding a Metropolis course in Japan.

The CentreTerm abroad program is connected with the College’s #3 ranked study abroad program that is part of the Centre Commitment, which guarantees that students will study abroad, participate in an internship or research opportunity and graduate in four years.

“CentreTerm is a wonderful time to study abroad because, like courses on campus, it’s a very intensive period of study, and students have the opportunity to experience vastly different cultures and destinations that can transform their lives in just a few weeks,” Cocanougher said. “It often inspires students to spend a full semester abroad by whetting their appetites for travel and academic learning in international settings.

“During January, we are also able to send students to parts of the world where we don’t currently offer full semester programs, which allows students to see and learn about places they might never have dreamed of visiting, such as Morocco, Malaysian Borneo, New Zealand, Brazil and more,” she continued.

In addition, the CentreTerm study abroad program offers several options for students who may not want to spend an entire semester away from campus.

“It also, very importantly, allows our faculty more opportunities to teach and direct students abroad, something that they find immensely rewarding and a key factor in Centre’s remarkably strong campus culture in support of study abroad,” Cocanougher added.

“After CentreTerm abroad, students almost always tell us that their experience has been a defining part of their Centre education; so, too, do our faculty directors remarking that teaching their disciplines in a different cultural context has expanded and enhanced their knowledge and course material,” she concluded.

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by Kerry Steinhofer
January 5, 2017

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