Record number of students participate in internships during CentreTerm 2019

A record 64 Centre College students are participating in internships during CentreTerm 2019, a three-week January term that gives students the opportunity to explore unique topics and faraway places through immersive courses, studying abroad, or an internship or research project. Internships are also a guarantee in the Centre Commitment, which also promises study abroad and graduation in four years.

“Seeing so many students participate in an internship this CentreTerm is exciting, because not only are more students test-driving careers, but they are also setting themselves up to be successful in the job and graduate school search after Centre,” said Mindy Wilson, associate director of the Center for Career & Professional Development. “These experiences will help them make decisions about where they’d like to go, and also give them the experience to get those jobs and get accepted into graduate school when it comes time for them to apply.”

Students will be interning in a variety of fields in 19 cities, seven states and three foreign countries. Domestically, there are several students interning locally in Danville, Lexington and Louisville. In addition, a number of students are located in Asheville, North Carolina; Boston, Massachusetts; Tucson, Arizona; and Washington, D.C. Internationally, students are interning in China, Mexico and Senegal.

“CentreTerm gives students the chance to do an internship further away from campus in a more affordable way,” Wilson said. “Centre offers funding to help support our students away from campus so that they can dream big when it comes to internships.”

Due to the fact that they must intern full-time for three weeks, Wilson said that students are able to experience a field of interest in a robust way—being able to see the work being done all day, every day allows them to observe what it’s really like to do the job and picture themselves in that position.

“CentreTerm is known as a time that offers exciting opportunities for students, both in the classroom and broad,” she added. “CentreTerm internships are no different—they enable students to try out new career fields or get more experience in an already-tested field in an intense short term, while giving them the freedom to stay on campus to participate in many of our great local opportunities or travel further afield in new locations around the country and around the world.”

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by Kerry Steinhofer
January 9, 2019

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