PODCAST: Professor Sara Egge talks the role of women on post-election series

Sara Egge talks the role of women on Episode 6 of Centre Point 2016 post-election series

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The 2016 presidential election cycle came to a close in November, but important discussions about political issues continue on the new post-election series of Centre Point, a podcast series in which Centre College faculty discuss a variety of topics. Listeners get a better understanding of political complexities as well as a glimpse of the fascinating conversations that take place in Centre classrooms every day.

In this sixth of nine episodes in the 2016 post-election Centre Point podcast series, host Bill Goodman talks with Assistant Professor of History Sara Egge about gender and the election. Egge, an expert on the women’s suffrage movement, discusses how the lens of gender has impacted the decisions of the electorate, both past and present.

Pre-election episodes of Centre Point featured Goodman talking with such Centre professors as Dina Badie, Anthony Haigh, Lori Hartmann-Mahmud, Ben Knoll, Daniel Stroup and Beau Weston on such issues as polling the electorate, the theatricality of politics, teaching the 2016 election, the potential future impact of this election and how culture wars are shaping voter opinion. In the new episodes, Goodman continues his conversations with these and other professors on such topics as the role of women in the 2016 presidential election, the global response and what to expect of the president-elect in coming months, among other issues.

The Centre Point 2016 election series is hosted by veteran journalist Bill Goodman, who also hosts the Kentucky Tonight television program and was recently named the new director of the Kentucky Humanities Council. He will begin his tenure at the Kentucky Humanities Council in January 2017.

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by Elizabeth Trollinger
December 15, 2016

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