Sarah Cramer gives presentation on sexual assault prevention at Campus Prevention Network Summit

Centre College has achieved significant progress in reducing sexual misconduct on its campus, and, while this is a collective campus effort, 2014 alumna Sarah Cramer’s contributions since her return to the College in October 2018 as a sexual assault prevention and education manager have made a significant impact toward that goal.

In fact, Cramer recently outlined efforts Centre has taken during a June presentation at the Campus Prevention Network Summit in Nashville, Tennessee. As she explained, the College’s on-going work to prevent student to student sexual misconduct has involved many people contributing over the years, including the Title IX Team, Green Dot facilitators, Students for Prevention Education & Advocacy in the Community (SPEAC), and the College Council Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Committee, to mention only a few.

While at the summit, Cramer also accepted the Impact Award for Excellence in Sexual Assault Prevention on behalf of the College. Centre is one of only five schools to receive the award, an achievement that recognizes efforts at creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. [See related story here]

Cramer’s prior experience at Indiana University—where she oversaw prevention initiatives on eight campuses, acted as Principal Investigator on a $150,000 Rape Prevention grant, among other accomplishments—has only supported her current work at Centre.

This has included helping draft the College’s action plan in the “Creating a Culture of Caring” comprehensive report that details how prevention will be integrated into the Centre experience. Subsequently, she helped compile a list of the College’s recent progress in improving the campus environment surrounding sexual assault.

Ben Nelson, Centre’s human resources generalist and training coordinator, praises the work done by Cramer, noting that she has “brought a strong skill set to the role” and whose association with the undergrad program “gives her a great perspective.”

Part of Cramer’s presentation at the Summit included how the College shared data from the Greek 101 presentation It’s On Us: Alcohol, Bystander Intervention, & Consent, with her main point concerning building momentum and maintaining transparency when it comes to sexual assault prevention and education.

“Anyone who wants to contribute has a seat at this table,” Cramer says. “There is a passionate determination here that stands out to me and allows us to offer new, research-informed opportunities.”

With all the accomplishments of the past, Cramer’s work is far from over, and her three guiding mantras summarize her hopes for the future.

“One-hundred percent of assaults are preventable, 100 percent of problems are solvable, and it’s on all of us to take personal responsibility for those aims,” she says. “A population that believes those things and can picture them as a reality will eradicate sexual violence.”

by Abigail Anderson 
July 11, 2019



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