Sarah Nisbet ’18 lands internship at Lexington publishing house

This spring, Sarah Nisbet ‘18 is getting a head-start on her future career as an editing department intern at The University Press of Kentucky, a scholarly publisher for Kentucky universities.

The organization publishes work on a wide variety of subjects, including World War One, Kentucky Wildcats basketball and the writer Frederick Douglass. Nisbet is responsible for fixing grammatical errors and factual inconsistencies in the manuscripts accepted for publication.

“I think that having real experience is a huge benefit for my resume and to obtaining the skills that I would need to actually get a job,” Nisbet says.

In the process of editing a manuscript, Nisbet is required to skim large amounts of text in a short amount of time. This method of reading is different from that taught in her English courses, where she is expected to read assignments thoroughly for comprehension. Nisbet’s internship has also developed her self-motivation and time management skills, as she is required to edit an entire manuscript every week.

Nisbet’s interest in editing began as a summer intern at Centre College’s Communications Office, where she worked on the development of Centrepiece, the alumni magazine. After completing this internship, she wanted to learn more about copy editing.

Centre staff and faculty supported Nisbet throughout the process of securing and completing her internships. Senior Associate Director for Publications and Centrepiece Editor Diane Johnson encouraged Nisbet to pursue further opportunities in publishing, while Professor of English Mark Lucas acted as Nisbet’s faculty mentor, helping her develop a list of concrete objectives for her internships.

Nisbet learned about The University Press of Kentucky through her cousin, Warren McKnight ‘14, who interned for the organization during her time as a Centre student.

“I think this internship has been huge for my post-grad plans. It’s affirmed the direction I want to take in my career,” she says.

Nisbet is currently in the process of applying for positions at publishing houses as well as summer courses in the field at Columbia and New York University.

By Carbery Campbell ’19
March 30, 2018

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