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Senior Celebration LIVE!

Senior Tribute


What To Watch For

Week of May 18th: Senior Celebration Pack #1
Social Media: #CentreGrad20 posts
Sunday, May 24th: Senior Celebration Live Virtual Event, 3:00pm EST
Sunday, May 24th: Congratulations from faculty, staff, students and alumni
Week of June 15th: Senior Celebration Pack #2 (UPDATED)
Later date to be announced: In-person Commencement

Class of 2020 Yard Sign

Display your accomplishment as a Centre graduate! Download the official class of 2020 yard sign art and send to your local sign printer. We may be physically separated, but in this, we can be together.


Celebration Headlines

Centre Showcase 2020: Honors Celebration

At the end of each academic year Centre College honors those students who have distinguished themselves by their noteworthy academic achievements, service, and leadership. As in previous years, this Convocation includes moving speeches by two students, Evan Aroko and Grant Spicer, who were selected by their peers to speak on behalf of the senior class.  And be sure not to miss President Roush’s concluding remarks, as he draws his last honors showcase at Centre College to a close.

Congratulations to our awardees and warm regards to all,

Dean Goldey

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