Senior wins Fulbright scholarship to teach in Germany

Although Centre College senior Brad Fansher has been studying German since high school, it wasn’t until he enrolled at Centre that the subject became a passion. Now, having just received a Fulbright scholarship to teach English in Germany, Fansher is preparing to take that passion to the next level.
“My interest in the German language and culture accelerated exponentially when I got to Centre,” he says, “and this had a lot to do with the enthusiasm that professors Ian Wilson and Ken Keffer showed for German Studies. I’ve also been a big fan of German soccer since I was pretty young, and I love the food, so all these factors contributed to my decision to apply for a Fulbright in Germany.”
While studying abroad with the Centre-in-Strasbourg program, Fansher had many opportunities to practice speaking German. Living in the home of an Alsatian host who spoke both French and German, he was able to practice both languages on a daily basis.
“This made for an interesting, enlightening and truly international experience,” he says. “The dynamics were fascinating, and I think it has helped prepare me for a year abroad.”
Traveling around Europe while studying in France also helped prepare the senior for his future in Germany.
“I was able to visit Munich and Berlin, not to mention weekly trips to Kehl, the German town directly across the Rhine from Strasbourg, where two other German students, Dr. Wilson, who was directing the program, and I would drink coffee and have conversations in German. It was great.”
These conversations, as well as those he carried on with his home-stay mother, have given Fansher the language foundation necessary for venturing out on his own in a foreign city.
“I’m looking forward to immersing myself in a culture different than my own,” he says, “and I’m excited to have the opportunity to improve my German and also to build international relationships and friendships that will hopefully last long beyond my Fulbright year.”
Once his Fulbright experience is complete, Fansher hopes to continue teaching and traveling, perhaps by earning a Masters in Teaching to work as a German and/or history teacher. “But,” he says, “we’ll see where serendipity leads.”

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