Senior wins Rotary grant for study at University College London

Kate Spencer ’19, a politics major from Versailles, Kentucky, has won a Rotary Global Grant Scholarship for study at University College London beginning in September.

She will earn a master’s degree in global health and development through a one-year program. Rotary District 6710, which covers western and central Kentucky, has offered the $45,000 Rotary Global Grant award since 2014.

She is the fourth from Centre to win and the fourth to study in England, although the award permits study worldwide.

Parker Lawson ’15 earned a master’s degree in modern European history at the University of Cambridge (where he remains, now supported by a Gates Cambridge grant). Emily Stephenson ’15 earned a master’s in public health at the University of Sheffield. And Michael Fryar ’14 earned an M.S. in economic development at the London School of Economics.

Spencer chose UCL because of the interdisciplinary approach the program brings to the study of healthcare within a global setting.

“I was incredibly excited to find this program that will meld my interests of global health, research, and the social sciences,” she says.

After earning her master’s, she will enter medical school at the University of Kentucky.

With medical school long in her plans, she admits that she initially thought she’d choose a more traditional pre-med major.

“That quickly changed when I became enthralled with the dynamic world of politics and saw how engrained it is in every aspect of life,” she says.

She especially appreciates the “interconnectedness” of her interests that have been nurtured during her years at Centre and the value that such an interdisciplinary perspective has brought to her study.

“Medicine goes much deeper than complex Latin words and memorizing metabolic pathways,” she says. “I look at questions during my research from both a social science and traditional science mindset.”

Spencer is looking forward to being near where she lived for a semester while studying at Centre’s program in London as a sophomore. She also traveled abroad during Centre’s short January term to Nagasaki, Japan, and in Israel and Jordan. In addition, she spent a summer in Ghana working in a hospital and in public health outreach.

by Diane Johnson
April 10, 2019

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