Social Media Policy2018-06-26T16:28:51-04:00

Social Media Acceptable Use Policy for
Official Centre College Accounts

The Office of Communications is responsible for all official Centre College social media accounts, which are intended to share information with the campus community and all others interested in the life of the College.

The tone and content of electronic communication is informed by the College’s mission and highest priority to prepare its students for lives of learning, leadership, and service, along with Centre’s broader values as articulated in its Statement of Community.

While the College values open discussion and difference of opinion, we abide by the principle that one need not be disagreeable when disagreeing. We encourage comments that are reasonable and related to the topic being discussed, especially if they are presented in a manner that is constructive, polite, and respectful, honoring the dignity of others in the process.

That said, the College reserves the right to remove immediately, and without warning, any post that is contrary to these values and it deems inappropriate, such as:

  • Abusive, bullying, defaming, demeaning, injurious, insulting, lewd, obscene, profane, pornographic, racist, sexually explicit, threatening, or vulgar language
  • Comments that in any way might endanger the health or safety of others, particularly a member of the Centre community
  • Any encouragement or promotion of hatred or violence
  • Personal attacks that disparage another individual
  • Inaccurate, irrelevant, or misleading information that is off-topic or self-serving
  • Advertisements, political statements, sales promotions, or spam
  • Material in violation of privacy and copyright laws

Account administrators will monitor comments and posted material on Centre’s social media accounts in accordance with these criteria. All final decisions about possible removal and future usage rests with the College’s Chief Communications Officer.

Approved June 26, 2018