Steve Meadows ’91 awarded National Speech & Debate Association State Educator of the Year

Centre College alumnus Steve Meadows ’91 (pictured above on left) was recently recognized as the National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA) State Educator of the Year.

Meadows has taught at Danville High School for 24 years, where he currently teaches English, speech and drama. He has been a part of NSDA for several years.

“I was a student member in high school and then established a chapter when teaching at my first job,” Meadows said. “When I came to work at Danville High School, I re-established their charter from where it had gone dormant in the early 80s.”

As an active member of the association, Meadows serves on the Kentucky District Committee after being chair for 20 years. He also serves on the National Convention Committee and is one of the managers of Tabulations at the NSDA Tournament each year.

“This honor is new, and it’s great to be the first one from Kentucky,” he said. “Even sweeter is being nominated by two pairs of coaches — one, the current Murray High School coach who had help from my former coach from high school; the other pair who nominated me are the current NSDA National Educator of the Year and a mutual friend and coach who are from Colorado and Pennsylvania respectively.

“It means a lot to be honored by such a diverse group of people who mean a lot to me as their nominee,” he added.
Meadows credits Centre’s training in his English major for the work he has done with his students.

“I also credit Barbara Hall from Centre Singers for being a fantastic role model for how to lead an extracurricular activity in a way that has high expectations, while also appreciating the humanity of the people involved,” he added.

Header image: Steve Meadows (top left) with members of his 2016-17 forensics team, along with assistant coach Beth Marlowe (far right).

by Kerry Steinhofer
December 13, 2017

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