Students become ‘global citizens’ during CentreTerm 2020

Every January, Centre College students travel to destinations across the globe for an intensive three-week course exploring the interesting and offbeat in ways not possible during a regular semester. As one of the nation’s top institutions for study abroad, Centre College is committed to creating global citizen leaders by providing every student the opportunity to explore the world. During CentreTerm 2020, 262 students will take advantage of that guarantee, and a total of 23 Centre faculty and staff members will teach 13 courses across 15 locations.

This year, Centre students are traveling to destinations spanning the globe, including Barbados, El Salvador, Fiji, Finland, Germany, Ireland, India, Israel/Palestine, Japan, Merida, New Zealand, South Africa and Thailand/Myanmar.

“Here in the Center for Global Citizenship, we love to give our students the chance to study in diverse locations and truly be global citizens,” said Karen Ryan, assistant director of the Center for Global Citizenship.

These opportunities allow students to immerse themselves in a new culture that goes beyond just an academic experience. Students are able to hone their language skills, get a better understanding of the people and cultures they are studying and broaden their appreciation for their location.

“What makes our CentreTerm trips so unique is that our faculty and staff, who are experts in the field, have the ability to adapt the lesson plan to teach in locations that the students cannot reach in a regular classroom setting; therefore, giving the students true experiential learning experiences,” Ryan added. “CentreTerm can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our students, and it really enriches their lives. Having the safety of going away with faculty and staff you trust, while learning about subjects that you enjoy, can only broaden a student’s horizons and encourage them to be better global citizens.”

See where, and how many, students are studying abroad for the next few weeks by following their adventures throughout CentreTerm on social media using #CentreAbroad.

by Kerry Steinhofer
January 14, 2020

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