Students exhibit semester work in Environmental politics showcase

International Studies (IST) students at Centre College recently exhibited visual and artistic displays about Environmental Politics at the College’s Norton Center for the Arts. Their presentations were part of a senior seminar project for the fall semester.

The topics of the projects ranged from displacement linked to climate change to planning for rising seas to climate change denial in memes.

“Students had to present their findings in an unconventional format: through oral presentation and a visual display,” said course instructor Dina Badie, assistant professor of politics and international studies and chair of the International Studies Program.

This set-up also sought to break through some of the scientific jargon and politicized language that often surrounds climate change to better engage the broader campus community.

“The visual project showcase at the Norton Center intended to achieve two goals,” she continued. “First, the projects cumulatively illustrated the diversity of concerns associated with climate change and environmental politics, generally. And second, they did so in a visual manner so as to be accessible to a broad community, rather than narrow field experts.”

Exploring a new area within the broad discipline of international studies, Bradley Sampson ’18 explained how the class presents his classmates and himself with many new insights into climate change’s impact on the state of international politics today.

“I am absolutely fascinated by the whole dynamics of the climate change in a worldwide context now,” he said. “I learned about climate change in an international setting, something that I never really considered to be related to IST before I took this class.”

By Kathleen Murphy ’18
December 1, 2017

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