Students share CentreTerm projects during exhibition

Approximately 152 Centre College students recently displayed and presented work they completed during CentreTerm with nearly 115 exhibits, giving insight into the unique topics students have the opportunity to explore during the three-week January term.

“The CentreTerm Exhibition is an event on the last day of the term when students can showcase the projects they worked on,” said David Toth, associate professor of computer science.

The exhibits included posters about the projects and even physical items the students created throughout their classes.

The courses that participated in the exhibition were Boston and Japanese Art: The Other Tea Party; Plant Herbivore Interaction; Parallel Computing; Breaking the Code; Imagining the Future: Science Fiction; Ethics and Us; Shakespeare Stage and Screen; Fibers and Forces; An Introduction to Drawing; Life in the State of Nature and Creative Problem Solving.

“There are so many exciting classes and opportunities happening during CentreTerm that this is a great way to let the campus community learn about what our students spent so much time thinking about and working so hard on over the past few weeks,” said Ellen Swanson, assistant professor of mathematics, who taught Breaking the Code during the term.

She added that being able to give a short explanation of a project is a great skill to help students develop.

“In my opinion, having the exhibition allows students to see what other students have learned about and done in CentreTerm courses and possibly see things that they would not otherwise be exposed to,” Toth said. “Perhaps they see something they think is fascinating and decided to take a class in a subsequent CentreTerm because of what they saw.”

Toth added that this also allows faculty to view what students have done, and sometimes ideas for collaborations come from seeing what they have accomplished. They also see what other fellow faculty members have done in courses, which can inspire ideas they’ve had.

Jennifer Muzyka, H. W. Stodghill, Jr. and Adele H. Stodghill Professor of Chemistry, had students participate in the first CentreTerm exhibition in 2017 when she taught Creativity: Weaving Patterns.

“I enjoyed participating in the exhibition when I taught a CentreTerm course in 2017,” Muzyka said. “I also enjoyed visiting the exhibition during CentreTerm 2018, even though I didn’t have students presenting. There are so many interesting courses and projects scheduled during the term. I appreciate the opportunity to celebrate these academic experiences.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
January 30, 2019