Students share CentreTerm projects with campus community

Approximately 175 Centre College students from 11 CentreTerm courses recently displayed and presented their semester work with nearly 90 exhibits, giving insight into the unique topics students have the opportunity to explore during the three-week January term. The exhibit display took place in Chowan on Jan. 24.

“The exhibition is great for several reasons,” said Associate Professor of Computer Science David Toth, who is the event organizer. “It gives our students a chance to show off what they’ve done to lots of other people. The exhibition also gives students experience presenting their work.

“Finally, it allows other students and faculty to see the other outstanding projects that students are doing during CentreTerm,” he continued.

Courses represented ranged from “Financial Crisis and Panics” to “Interactive Data Visualization” and “Into the Great Abyss: Cave Ecology.”

The exhibits included posters, photographs, ceramics, interactive data visualizations on computers and devices connected to miniature computers with web interfaces.

“Having people outside of their class come see what they’ve done shows the students that others care about what they’ve accomplished over CentreTerm,” Toth said. “I think that gives more meaning to the projects the students have worked on and lets the students feel like their work has more value.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
January 31, 2018

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