Students share experiences during CentreTerm 2016 Internship Showcase

Centre College’s continuing commitment to career preparation is illustrated by the recent CentreTerm Internship Showcase at the Norton Center for the Arts. More than 30 students participated in the event, presenting their CentreTerm work through a visual presentation and sharing their experiences with the College community.

“The Internship Showcase helps students not only reflect on their experience and what they learned during their internship but also practice their presentation skills with their peers, faculty and staff,” Mindy Wilson, assistant director for the Center for Career & Professional Development, said.

CentreTerm, Centre College’s three-week January term, gives students and faculty the opportunity to explore specific subjects more in depth. Likewise, CentreTerm internships offer intensive real-world experience in a student’s field of choice. The Centre Commitment guarantees an internship or research opportunity to all students, and it’s no surprise that 90 percent of Centre students engage in such experiences at home and abroad. This CentreTerm, students interned at various companies, government agencies, non-profits, schools and more around the globe. The event also included students who spent their fall semester interning in Shanghai, China and Washington, D.C.

Hari Perisic ’17 worked as a marketing and e-commerce intern at Web2Asia, a digital marketing agency in Shanghai, China, and was tasked with improving business efficiency. He said that the experience was initially very challenging due to the cultural difference and China’s unique business style, but he soon adjusted and gained many valuable insights.

“My experience provided me with a new set of tools and understanding about how markets change as well as legal issues, and it has opened my eyes to the different world outside of the western market ideals,” Perisic said.
The internship also provided him with a new perspective on his career goals and allowed him to feel more connected to Centre’s international students when he returned home.

“The Centre dynamic for me has been altered, for the better, by my internship. It showed the way, based on a small sample size, Chinese people interact within a working or scholastic environment,” he explained. “This experience has uncovered a new culture and people for me to enjoy at Centre College.”

by Elise L. Murrell
February 16, 2015

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