Students share experiences during CentreTerm 2018 Internship Showcase

Forty-eight students interned across three countries and 10 states during Centre College’s CentreTerm, a three-week January term that gives students the opportunity to explore unique topics and faraway places through immersive courses, studying abroad or completing an internship or research project. A total of 55 students shared their experience, as well as those who interned in the fall in Washington, D.C. and Shanghai, at the internship showcase held at the Norton Center for the Arts, Feb. 1.

According to Mindy Wilson, assistant director for the Center for Career & Professional Development, this is the highest number of CentreTerm interns since 2014.

Throughout the term, students represented Centre in China and Mexico, as well as across the U.S. in states including Kentucky, Massachusetts, Oregon, Tennessee and Texas.

“The supervisors seemed to really love working with our students—they represented the College well and seemed to make a difference wherever they interned,” Wilson said.

Biology major Rachel Moore ’20 interned in her home state of Texas at the Hondo Veterinary Hospital.

As an intern, Moore shadowed a veterinary surgeon and was able to assist with different animal cases. While Hondo, Texas, is known as a farming town, it has a mix between urban and rural environment, as it is relatively close to San Antonio.

“The type of patients we had were usually dogs and cats, but also cows, horses, goats, llamas and a kangaroo at one point,” Moore said. “It was really interesting, and I learned a lot about how the hospital operates in terms of how to manage all those kinds of patients and operate their own facilities and pharmacy.”

Moore explained how she has been interested in veterinary studies and has shadowed at different clinics in the past, but this experience gave her more opportunities to see how a veterinary hospital works.

“It was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had because I could really see myself doing this job after getting to experience it hands-on,” she added. “I got a lot of experience that I wouldn’t have had in a shorter setting and being able to spend a month with the staff made the internship really amazing.”

Maggie Finn ’18 and Andrew Burns ’18 interned at the Onkort Private Clinic in Merida, Mexico, where they worked with different doctors within the clinics.

Burns said it was interesting to learn the difference between the Mexican and U.S. healthcare systems, as well as to see the unique setup of the clinics and learning everything through the Spanish language.

Behavioral neuroscience major Natalie Miskofsky ’19 interned locally in Lexington at Knight, Wahle and Chalothorn Orthodontics, where she was able to shadow the doctors and see patients.

Wilson said that CentreTerm is a unique internship experience, and although it is short in length, it allows students to work full-time for the entire term.

“They get to experience what it’s like every day at their organization and experience the routine of a ‘day at the office,’” she explained. “They complete the same number of hours as in a longer term, but the experience is condensed and focused. In addition, CentreTerm allows students to intern close to campus, in a different state or in a different country. Because the internship is the student’s only course, they can really dig into the experience.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
February 16, 2018

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