Students share internship experiences during summer internship showcase

Centre College students who participated in internships during the summer recently shared their experiences at the College’s Summer Internship Showcase, giving the campus community a forum to learn about the variety of opportunities in which they engaged across the globe.

Luke Cantrell ’20 discusses his summer internship experience with Robert Schalkoff, director of the Lincoln Scholars Program.

The internship showcase occurs four times a year, highlighting internship experiences students have in the summer, fall, CentreTerm and spring. Internships are part of the Centre Commitment, which guarantees an internship or research experience, study abroad and graduation in four years.

“I love hosting this event,” said Mindy Wilson, assistant director of the Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD). “Students are gaining such valuable experience and presenting how it has shaped them personally and professionally to the community is such an important step in the reflection process.”

This year, CCPD had a total of 75 students take advantage of internship opportunities, with 39 participating in the showcase, representing both in- and out-of-state opportunities, as well as some international experiences.

While many other students participate in summer internships, the CCPD is only able to track those who receive funding, credit or are in special internship programs.

Students have the opportunity to intern in a variety of locations and for several different organizations.

“I would say that about half of these internships were with new-to-us organizations,” Wilson said. “This is relatively normal—while we support all students in providing contacts when we can, we also encourage students to use their own resources and networks to find their internships.”

Thomas Nunn ’19, a biology and self-designed environmental science double major, interned at Tri-State Orthopaedics in Evansville, Indiana.

During his summer internship, Nunn worked on a surgical research project dealing with basilar thumb arthritis surgery. He was in charge of a majority of the patients and would help with therapy or with ultrasounds and ran statistics on 25 patients.

Nunn wrote the beginning of a paper and submitted an abstract to the Mid-America Orthopaedic Association. He said they will receive results in October, with the hopes of presenting their research in April.

Wilson added that this group of students had a wide variety of career interests and professional goals, and she believes their internships reflect those.

“I was excited to see students contributing to the local Danville community, as well as exploring international locations,” she explained.

For example, Marina Burke ’20, an international studies and French double major, worked as an agrotourism intern in Laconia, Greece.

“Basically the whole idea behind agrotourism is to create self-sufficient tourism sites for people who come visit,” she explained. “All of the guest houses have geo-thermal pumps and produce their own energy.”

Throughout her internship, Burke would show guests around the site, take care of the garden and animals, and helped work on a new water filtration system.

Header photo: Nahndi Moulta Ali ’19 discusses her summer internship experience Andrea Abrams, associate professor of anthropology. 

by Kerry Steinhofer
September 6, 2018

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