In addition to our long-term programs, we offer an ever-changing array of January and summer trips. CentreTerm classes in January 2018 were held in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania; Brazil; Costa Rica; Greece; Italy and Switzerland; Japan; London; Morocco and Spain; and New Zealand. We also offer an internship program in Merida, Mexico, every CentreTerm.

During CentreTerm and summer 2016, students interned in Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ghana, Honduras, India, Mexico, Peru, and Vietnam. From representing the United States while working at the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia, to corporate finance in Vietnam to medical work in Latin America, the global internship possibilities for Centre students are endless.

infographic for international locations for CentreTerm

CentreTerm 2020 Abroad Courses

BNS 450
Students will participate in all aspects of primate field research including reading background literature, the formulation of an appropriate research question, conducting systematic observations of the behavior of the Barbados green monkey, and presenting research findings. Individual student research projects will apply sampling techniques and statistical analyses common to field behavior research. The course requires students to observe and collect data on a wild population of monkeys for 3-4 hours a day for the duration of the course.

Contact Drs. Melissa Burns-Cusato (melissa.cusato@centre.edu) & Brian Cusato (brian.cusato@centre.edu).

Estimated cost: $3,000

This course provides an introduction to the history and culture of Central America in the twentieth century. Focusing on El Salvador, students will gain a nuanced understanding of the social changes that have shaped the country—from peasant rebellions to civil war to neoliberalism. In light of its service-learning component, the course will also consider the rich history of solidarity movements between Central America and the United States that began in the 1980s as a response to US military intervention.

Contact Drs. Laura Chinchilla (laura.chinchilla@centre.edu) & Eva Cadavid (eva.cadavid@centre.edu)

Estimated cost: $3,000

This course weaves the experiences of Fiji and other Pacific island nations into a tapestry of insights with global implications. Students will explore the evolution of the Fijian government from independent, pre-colonial times, through the colonial period, and into the modern era of shifting power. Students will examine Fiji as a microcosm of economic issues, with case studies of economic development, tourism, public policy, and environmental sustainability.

Contact Dr. David Anderson (david.anderson@centre.edu) & Jamey Leahey (iamey.leahey@centre.edu).

Estimated cost: $2,085 plus airfare

Students will, within the larger context of experiential learning, acquire a basic understanding of modern Finnish history, the Sarnipeople, and Finland’s relationship with the international community through trade, culture, design, and war. They will hear firsthand the personal testimonies and stories of survivors of the Nazi revenge on the city, indigenous people of the Lapland region, city officials, design professionals and scholars, leaders in the tourist industry, and Santa Claus.

Contact Robert Schalkoff (robert.schalkoff@centre.edu) & Mayumi Schalkoff.

Estimated cost: $4,200

This course will focus upon the cultural and historical significance of several cities. Bonn, Cologne, Mannheim, and Munich are among the most influential  centers of musical, artistic, and cultural life in both the Romantic Era of music and the eras immediately preceding. Other smaller cities, especially those along the Romantic Road, will be included as well. Additionally, parallels between the art, culture, and politics of the Romantic Era and those of the present day will be explored. 2020 marks the worldwide celebration of Beethoven’s 250th birthday, and Bonn (the city of Beethoven’s birth) will be at the center of the launch of this festival. Being in Bonn at the start of 2020 will be an experience unlike any other. The theme “BTHVN 2020” is being used to signify this event all over the world.

Contact Drs. Robert Seebacher (robert.seebacher@centre.edu) & Ian Wilson (ian.wilson@centre.edu).

Estimated cost: $3,775

This course will explore the Irish musical roots of Kentucky Bluegrass music. Students will tour key regions of Ireland, where they will experience firsthand Irish music and speak to its foremost practitioners and researchers. Students will also be given a number of opportunities to participate directly in the creation of music in collaboration with local amateur and professional Irish artists.

Contact Dr. Nathan Link (nathan.link@centre.edu) & Karen Ryan (karen.ryan@centre.edu).

Estimated cost: $3,800

Students will explore the exceptional cultural and historical diversity of Puducherry and of South India, paying special attention to religious syncretism, literary influences, art forms, and sciences (e.g. the integration of Northern Ayurveda in the southern marman medicine). The often-overlooked history of French colonialism in India will feature prominently as well.

Contact Drs. Marc Demont (marc.demont@centre.edu) & Christian Wood (christian.wood@centre.edu).

Estimated cost: $3,550

This course will examine how Japan overcame various limiting factors in sustaining a large population to build one of the highest population densities in the world through agricultural and culinary traditions that continue to grow in popularity at home and abroad. The course will also examine how modern Japanese cuisine has retained the tradition of artisanship in the preparation of foods even as they continue to be influenced by and reinterpret foreign cuisine.

Contact Dr. Michael Dixon (michael.dixon@centre.edu) & Brette Richmond.

Estimated cost: $3,875

This course will explore the diversity of perspectives—Palestinian, Israeli, Arab—Israeli, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Sufi, Mizrahi, Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Left and Right, Religiously Orthodox or Progressive, Secular and Nationalist within the region and help students to consider the ways in which history and memory, place and symbol, practices and poetic-theological traditions have cultivated sentiments (political, social, cultural and religious).

Contact Drs. Matthew Pierce (matthew.pierce@centre.edu) & Shana Sippy (shana.sippy@centre.edu).

Estimated cost: $4,200

This course will examine the role of education in Southeast-Asian cities and how education impacts how a city functions. Students will explore how education influences and is influenced by political, economic, and cultural issues. On site in Myanmar and Thailand, students will meet with local education officials and students as they hear how different approaches to education are targeted to pressing economic needs, political goals, and cultural constraints. Students will understand how the different parts of a city work together and how education affects these parts in helpful and harmful ways. This course has a community-based learning component and students should expect to spend time in classrooms in Myanmar working with students and teachers.

Contact Drs. Chris Paskewich (chris.paskewich@centre.edu) & Sarah Murray (sarah.murray@centre.edu).

Estimated cost: $3,750

Students with advanced proficiency in the Spanish language are eligible to live and work in Merida for 3- 4 weeks in January. It is a great opportunity to professionalize one’s Spanish language abilities, to prepare for a career, and to embed yourself in the local community.

Contact Dr. Mark Galatowitsch (mark.galatowitsch@centre.edu).

Estimated cost: $940 plus airfare

This course will explore the physical science of volcanoes and related geothermal phenomena. The academic component will consist of lectures on and readings about volcanoes, three exams, a paper, an oral presentation, and daily journal entries. There will be some relatively strenuous hiking, so reasonable physical fitness is a requirement.

Contact Drs. Joe Workman (joe.workman@centre.edu) & Kerry Paumi (kerry.paumi@centre.edu).

Estimated cost: $3,850

Prerequisite: any physical science course

Students will explore and engage with the various strands of nation-building and identity that comprises modern South Africa through site visits and critical readings/explorations of works of non-fiction, journalism, fiction, poetry, music and dance. The chronology of site visits and travel is designed to start with a simple narrative and to successively complicate that narrative step by step as new perspectives and ideologies are woven into the dialogue. In the process students will travel through a large portion of South Africa, starting in Gauteng (Johannesburg, Soweto, and Pretoria), KwaZulu Natal, the Eastern Cape, and Western Cape.

Contact Drs. Johann van Niekerk (johann.vanniekerk@centre.edu) & Danielle La Londe (danielle.lalonde@centre.edu)

Estimated cost: $3910 (includes: flight, transportation, visits, 2 meals/day, hotel, classes, and extracurricular activities, carbon mitigation fee, and emergency fee.)

If you are interested in applying for this course, please be in direct contact with the faculty directors named above.