Yamaguchi is a prefecture in Japan’s Chugoku region, on the southwest side of Honshu Island. The capital city, also called Yamaguchi, dates to the 14th century, when a lord designed it to look like “The Kyoto of the West.”


The Centre-in-Japan program is housed at Yamaguchi Prefectural University, a small university in the Western ancient capital of the Ouchi culture. In this city of temples and pagodas is the famous 1442 Rurikoji temple. Nearby are the restorative baths of the ancient Yuda Hot Springs.

Classes recently offered include “International Relations,” “Zen Philosophy and Zen Culture in Japan,” “Politics of Japan,” “History of US-Japan Relations,” “International Economics and Japanese Society,” “Japan Through its Literature, History, and Art,” “A Cultural Comparison between the US and Japan,” “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages,” and “Moral Education in Japan and China.” All classes are taught in English, except for the Japanese language class all students take.

More Program Details

The cost is the same as studying in Danville, with the exception of a $375 non-refundable deposit/surcharge and your airfare. This amount includes a $15 carbon mitigation fee, but does not include the $20 cost of the required travel medicine presentation that all Centre students going abroad must attend. Students with low EFC’s (Expected Families Contributions) and large “gaps” may qualify for additional help from the Davidson Fund.

Except for the Japanese language class and some non-credit “cultural experiences” such as calligraphy, pottery, and Japanese tea ceremony, all classes are taught in English. Classes recently offered include “Modern Japanese Culture”; “History and Arts of Yamaguchi”; “Politics of Japan”; “Cross-cultural Awareness”; “World History”; “Media and Communication in Japan”; “Regional Cultural Studies”; and “Teaching English as a Foreign Language.”