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Northern Ireland is known for its Norman castles, glacial valleys and mountains, Celtic and Christian monuments, and coastal links golf courses.


The Northern-Irish exchange program is an exclusive and selective opportunity offered to two or three juniors or seniors, who can study abroad on the Emerald Isle for one semester or a full year at a variety of locations.


Landon Building on Queen's University's campus

Queens University Belfast

Located in the heart of the bustling Northern Irish capital, Queens is a top 20 research-intensive institution with a range of available subjects for study. Students who study here get up close and personal with the turmoil and triumph of Northern Ireland’s political history.

University of Ulster - Belfast, Ireland

University of Ulster

Located in Londonderry, a Western town with a rich and at times controversial history, especially in relation to The Troubles, the University of Ulster has a national and international reputation for excellence.

Stranmillis University College - Belfast, Ireland

Stranmillis University College

Another Belfast college, Stranmillis is highly recognized for its teacher training curriculum and also offers courses in early childhood health and leisure studies.

St. Andrew's (St. Mary's Quad - West buildings)

St. Mary’s University College

This Belfast college specializes in liberal arts and teacher training.

Belfast Metropolitan College

Belfast Metropolitan College

Perfect for students interested in business, marketing, computing, performing arts, communication, and Irish studies.


Accepted students pay a $375 surcharge/deposit and for their airfare. In addition, during the term that a student spends in Northern Ireland, he or she pays only Centre tuition (not room-and-board) to the college. For that term, the student uses the room-and-board money that he or she usually pay to Centre to cover housing and meals in Northern Ireland.

The $375 non-refundable deposit/surcharge must be paid at the Centre business office (Boles Hall) two weeks after you hear of your acceptance to hold your place in the program.