Summer internship in Mexico gives aspiring physician Rebecca Markham ’21 career insight

Rising Centre College senior Rebecca Markham (Abington, Pennsylvania) is applying her Spanish major as a summer intern with the nonprofit organization FM4 Paso Libre in Guadalajara, Mexico. The organization is a migrant shelter aiming to give dignified and fair treatment to migrants and refugees in western Mexico.

Markham will assist and interview migrants, as well as answer any questions they may have about their journeys.

“One of the goals is to make the journey safer for them,” she explains. “I’ll be involved in all parts of the daily functioning of the organization.”    

Markham felt inspired to work within the migration system after reading a book focused on the theme of western migration, as well as prepared by the classes and study abroad opportunities presented to her at Centre. 

“My study abroad experience (in Mérida) and my Spanish classes have given me an understanding of migration, as well as Central American politics and social issues. They have also provided me with the Spanish language skills necessary for this internship.”   

Markham intends to pursue a career as a physician that will focus specifically on underserved populations. 

“I believe that the qualities that are important at FM4 Paso Libre—such as compassion and listening—are also critical skills for a physician. I truly feel this experience will make me a better and more understanding physician.” 

Markham sees this internship as not only a way to help an underserved population but also to help further her long-term career goals. Additionally, she cites the Centre Commitment—a guarantee that every student will study abroad, engage in an internship or research opportunity, and graduate in four years—for contributing to this opportunity. 

“It’s one thing to learn about these things in class,” she said, “but experience through an internship provides Centre students an education that cannot be provided elsewhere.” 

by Makenzie Dries ’21
July 11, 2019

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