Sundy Best's 'Salvation City' receives acclaim from Rolling Stone

If you’ve paid attention to music headlines throughout the past year, you’ve likely noticed Sundy Best on practically every “one-to-watch” list. And now the “bluegrass-fusion” duo, comprised of Centre alumnus Kris Bentley ’09 and Nick Jamerson, is making an even bigger splash on the music scene with their Dec. 2 third-album release, Salvation City.
Featuring 10 new songs written by Sundy Best and produced by RS Field, Salvation City has already reached #20 on iTunes following a favorable review from Rolling Stone Country where the album was premiered and streamed in its entirety. The headline encouraged readers to “Hear Kentucky Buzz Band Sundy Best’s Trippy New LP ‘Salvation City.'”
The new album follows on the success of their sophomore release, Bring Up The Sun, which sold over 100,000 albums and tracks and was named among Rolling Stone Country’s list of “26 Country Albums of 2014 You Need to Hear.” The magazine also tagged Sundy Best as one of “10 New Artists You Need to Know” earlier this summer.
The duo describes its unique sound as “ranging from country, bluegrass, rock, soul, and rhythm and blues,” but it is in the world of country music where Sundy Best seems to be finding its niche. During November, the band was featured as CMT’s “Listen Up” artist of the month, and that’s just one of many indications that Sundy Best’s fame is growing. With a strong #kinfolk fan movement providing momentum, these two young men from Prestonsburg, Ky., are poised for big things in Nashville and beyond.
Read more about Sundy Best and view their newest music video “Southern Boy.”

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