Decision Day 2015: Mulligan

After first enrolling in his state's flagship university, Nathan Schuler ’14 realized it just wasn't the right fit. His answer was to transfer to a place "where underachieving wasn't an option," Centre College. For others in the same situation, he offers this advice: "Don't be afraid to go back to square one—life is full of mulligans."

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Decision Day 2015: Option C

Thomas Jahelka ’16 of Colorado Springs, Colo., says you don't have to wait for a big a-ha moment during your college search. "The idea that there's one school out there for you is kind of silly," he advises. "There are tons of schools out there; you just need to be willing to choose a school and make it yours."

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Decision Day 2015: Overnight

As Ellie Carver ’16 of Pomfret, Conn., explains, there was one convincing turn in her college decision process: her overnight visit to Centre. "You should do an overnight," Ellie advises. "It's really easy to go a college and do an hour and a half tour and see what's important to the admission office, but if you

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Decision Day 2015: Rank

After visiting 22 college campuses across the nation, and applying to 15, Albert Anastasio ’15 of Champaign, Ill., ultimately narrowed his college search to three schools. In the end, his decision wasn't based on rankings alone, nor the influence of where others thought he should attend. According to Anastasio, one school emerged as the clear choice because it simply

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