Travel Journal #6 — Classes in Glasgow

Since Centre's partnership with the University of Glasgow is new, I'll take a moment to talk about the academic aspect of my experience. I'm studying abroad, after all! My classes in Glasgow have been very interesting and engaging, so here's a little bit about each one. Currently I'm taking four classes at the University of

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Travel Journal #3 – A Great City

The first week of classes is officially complete! It was filled with immunology, anatomy, the Scottish Enlightenment, and bioengineering. I'm glad to report that I can understand all of the professors, and the subjects seem interesting. The anatomy class is modeled after medical school anatomy which uses USMLE style questions. I know it's going to

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Travel Journal #2 – An Old American Movie

As of yesterday, I've officially been in Scotland for one week. Let me just say, it's been an amazing experience already. Everyday, I'm so happy that I made the decision to come here. I know that in December, although I'll be thrilled to be back with my family and friends, it will be incredibly difficult

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