Centre faculty recognized for latest publications and research

Though Centre professors are known for their engaged and passionate work in the classroom, most of them also devote significant effort to research and publication, garnering awards and honors along the way. And while these achievements might otherwise remain isolated to specific departments or professors, Centre's Professional Recognition receptions give faculty an opportunity to be

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Edified Center for Connected Campuses opens doors for both current and future Centre students

Everyone remembers the 23.7 miles of media cables used during the 2012 Vice Presidential debate, but the technological blitz that took campus by storm last fall was just the tip of the iceberg for Centre. In fact, the VP debate inspired the creation of the Global Center for Connected Campuses (GC3) as a way of

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Ben Knoll's research reveals hidden support for immigration reform among conservatives

Immigration reform is a hot-button issue these days, and Assistant Professor of Politics Ben Knoll just added fuel to the fire with his latest research suggesting that support for immigration reform is more prevalent among Republican voters than often believed. "In my research, I try to better understand American attitudes toward immigration policy and especially

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Basketball, bacteria and baby toads: more summer research at Centre

Basketball, bacteria and baby toads may sound like a strange combination, but at Centre they are all in a day's work for the many student-faculty collaborative research teams whose projects are now in full swing. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Jeff Heath is studying a subject near and dear to the hearts of Kentuckians: basketball. "We

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Professor Jeff Fieberg makes important discovery in Van Gogh painting

Associate Professor of Chemistry Jeffrey Fieberg is known as a professor who makes learning an enjoyable and exciting experience. During a sabbatical last year, Fieberg put his skills as a chemist to use in an unusual way. Fieberg used scientific techniques to solve a long-standing mystery about an important piece of art: “Undergrowth with Two