Tamin Calloway ’16 paves the way for his siblings as a first-generation graduate

When Tamin Calloway ’16 graduated from Centre College in May, he became part of the first generation of college graduates in his family. And when he first visited campus in 2012 as a prospective student from Boston, he knew relatively quickly that Centre would be the place for him.

“When first introduced, I was a bit nervous because it was a place like no other I have visited before. But I was excited to venture out on a new experience that would shape my life forever,” he says. “After my visit to campus in the spring of 2012, I knew that I would fit right in on Centre’s campus.”

The sense of community on campus became important to Calloway.

“Some of my favorite moments at Centre include the sporting events and seeing so much support from President John Roush and his wife, Susie, and from professors and staff members,” he explains.

Also important to Calloway are the experiences and insight he gained while studying abroad with the Centre-in-Mexico program.

“My time abroad in Merida was pivotal in my view of the global community,” Calloway says. “I was able to travel to Cuba for a week, which really changed the way I thought about the country before visiting. The people and culture were so vibrant that, by the end, I did not want to leave.”

Calloway, who came to Centre as a Posse scholar, was involved in activities beyond the classroom as well, and he cites those opportunities as important to his college experience.

“Being a manager for the baseball team for three years was amazing, getting to see all the ins and outs of a collegiate sport that has so many working parts,” he says.

Calloway continues to do sports-related work: he is now completing an internship in merchandising with the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) since graduating in May.

Commencement was an important day for Calloway and his family. As a first-generation college graduate, Calloway feels indebted to his family for the opportunity to attend college and is proud of himself for his accomplishments.

“For me to graduate is huge for my family—because I am the first to do so, and I am able to set a positive example for my younger siblings,” he explains. “The importance of education and the opportunities it can provide an individual has always been important in my family, but actually achieving that is another trial on its own.

“Now that I have completed my undergraduate studies, I have shown my family and siblings that there is nothing they cannot achieve if they put their minds to it,” Calloway continues.

Calloway knows that, whatever comes next, his time at Centre prepared him well.

“Centre College has provided me with a sharp mind to think about all aspects of society and the work place with a critical and analytical perspective that will help me solve the hardest problems creatively,” Calloway says.

by Elizabeth Trollinger
June 14, 2016

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