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Princeton Review

Our faculty are Centre’s heart. They nurture the culture of the College—our sense of common purpose and our passion for learning—and they share it enthusiastically with our students. Impressive awards and international honors certainly reflect the academic strength of our faculty, but beyond the statistics and accolades is the fact that they truly care about your growth and success. Our faculty will prompt you with deeper questions, celebrate your successes, and even ignite career interests. What does this mean for you? An intensely personal education.

From one-to-one mentoring, to a home-cooked meal and informal conversation, faculty want to get to know you. They are there to explain a difficult new concept after class or to work with you on a research project. They offer practical experiences such as taking you to professional conferences or encouraging you to present a paper in an undergraduate competition. That personal relationship is especially helpful when it comes time to make connections for an internship and to write reference letters for graduate school or that all-important first job. Faculty have high expectations for you and embrace the opportunity to learn, research, and collaborate with you to make Centre an engaging academic community.

Professor Daniels Spanish class
Average class size is 18. 10 to 1 student/faculty ratio.


Stephanie Fabritius, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College

“Centre offers you an increasingly rare, practical and transformative education—and, as our alumni will assure you, when you are done, you will be so very ready for what’s next.”

Ellen Goldey, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College