Teaching internship in local classroom prepares Emily Hagan ’19 for future career

During her last semester at Centre College, Emily Hagan ’19 (Louisville, Kentucky) is preparing for her future career by student teaching in a second grade classroom at Woodlawn Elementary in Danville.

As a student-teacher, Hagan is responsible for planning and executing mini-lessons and activities for students in small groups, based on skill level. She then evaluates their performance and adjusts her lessons according to what the students need to work on. She also assists in answering questions and preparing materials for the lead teacher’s lessons.

“I have already fallen in love with the students in my class,” Hagan said. “They are eager to learn, bright and have welcomed me so warmly. I am so thankful for the relationship I hope to build with them and the joy they bring to me every day.”

Hagan intends to become a full-time teacher after she obtains a master’s degree in K-5 teaching. She believes that this internship will help her improve her teaching skills and become more successful in her future career.

“My on-site teacher, Anna Collins, has been amazing in letting me know what to expect and helping me to better teach the students during my time as an intern,” she explained. “She has lent me books, which will assist me in finding new activities and teaching methods to use. She has been great in ensuring a smooth transition.”

Hagan added that her Centre mentor Associate Professor of Education Sarah Murray, has also been helpful in her choice of goals to aspire toward throughout the semester.

“I am hoping to have made some sort of impact on the students with whom I interact with this semester, but I am also hoping to have learned so much more from them,” she said. “I want to be able to walk confidently into a classroom and know that I can adapt and adjust to the environment and attitudes of the students, as well as patiently and efficiently work with them to help them improve as students.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
March 14, 2019

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