The Class of 2015 includes eight from China

The 375 students who make up the Class of 2015 have only just begun their college careers. But they’re already making an impression at Centre, in part by being the largest in the College’s history.
For these students, born in 1993, Czechoslovakia has never been a country, women have always had combat roles in the military, and there’s never been a world where the Power Rangers and “Jurassic Park” didn’t exist.
Having an incoming class of 375 first-years puts Centre ahead of its anticipated growth. The College aims to have an enrollment of 1325, and with slightly higher numbers for transfers and returning students, the student population for the 2011-12 school year will be around 1310, putting Centre about a year ahead of its desired growth rate.
This year’s first-years at Centre had a combined midrange ACT score of 26 to 31, and more than half ranked in the top ten percent of their high school graduating classes. Many of them reached high levels of success in AP and IB classes.
Forty-four percent of the Class of 2015 comes to Centre from out of state, drawing from thirty-five states, with Tennessee, Ohio and Massachusetts leading the way. More than sixteen percent of the first-years are minority students.
Nine international students are part of the first-year class, including eight from China — double the number of students from that nation last year. Ten students in the Class of 2015 are part of the Posse Program at Centre, now in its sixth year.
While most first-years are still undecided about their majors, 55 of them listed “pre-med” as their likely major, with an additional 45 considering biology – for an impressive total of 26 percent of the Class of 2015 combined. Economics, languages, literature and government were also popular prospective majors.
The Class of 2015 is still in the midst of their first week of college classes at Centre, but there are already great things in store for them in the coming year. They’ll have the opportunities to incorporate learning experiences with entertainment at the Norton Center for the Arts, hear convocation speakers including Sarah Manyika and James Fallows, attend numerous athletics events, join clubs and organizations and much more.

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