The High Cost of Crime: Centre Professor David Anderson delivers WinChatauqua Lecture

2009anderson_davidCentre College’s Blazer Professor of Economics David Anderson recently addressed the economics of crime in our nation as a guest speaker for the WinChatauqua lecture series in Winchester, Ky. His lecture was part of a series partially funded by the Greater Clark Foundation Ambition Grants exploring American values and culture.
According to Anderson, the high price of crime goes beyond monetary losses. While the economics are commonly linked with fiscal concerns, like money and banking, Anderson said the discipline can also apply to anything that is scarce.
“It also applies to the other things we make so many important decisions about, like natural resources and time,” he said.
Anderson also spent much of his lecture addressing crime and how it is tracked. While some statistics cite merely the number of crimes committed, Anderson looked at what crime actually costs a community.
Find The Winchester Sun‘s complete story on Anderson’s guest lecture here.

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