Thomas Kaczocha ’19 gains finance experience during internship at Self-Refind

Economics and finance major Thomas Kaczocha ’19 (Oak Ridge, Tennessee) is spending his summer interning in the finance office for Self-Refind in Danville, Kentucky.

Self-Refind is an organization that provides premier treatment for substance abuse disorders.

At Self-Refind, Kaczocha is working with Matt Sirasky, who is the vice president for finance and administration, and is reconciling accounts and doing other financial projects for the company.

Kaczocha explained how it means a lot to him to have this internship this summer.

“It’s always important to get a foot in the door, and to be able to work in Danville and still be able to work with a professional like Mr. Sirasky, I believe that this experience will be crucial in the development of my career in this field,” he said.

He also said working at Self-Refind has given him the opportunity to experience real world accounting and work with an expert in the field. In addition, he has been able to stay on campus this summer and train with the football team.

“At the end of this internship, I hope to learn that this is the work that I want to do or have a career in,” he concluded. “I want to be able to enjoy my time doing real work in the accounting field instead of school work.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
June 29, 2018

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